An Alien Party – Fourth of July

The Greys are world famous as if they were Hollywood celebs

The Greys are world famous celebs signing autographs and handing out intergalactic advice about Life on Earth

I could not resist writing about how to follow our UFO loving brothers and sisters as recommended in How To Tweet Aliens. According to the article the cosmic tweet is a belated reply to the Wow! signal, an anomalous mysterious radio transmission detected at the Big Ear radio observatory in Ohio (in 1977), coming from the direction of what we call the constellation Sagittarius. It’s a provisional name (Astrological identifications are relative) because we have no clue what that sector of our galaxy is named (or how it looks from their ‘approaching Earth’ POV) by those we call ‘Aliens’. Our Best Advice TIP is to have a Fourth of July UFO Party and Tweet an invitation to friendly Aliens (don’t invite Men In Black who erase your memory).

Alien decorations from Toy Story free from Disney are perfect Fourth Of July Party favors at any age

Maybe Aliens don’t remember their love of Sci-Fi whereby we are their ‘Aliens’ (in their databank). Human life forms look weird to them. We should consider if we really are “pretty” (after all that arguing about cosmetics), and how to put your best foot forward to EBE’s  on a Cosmic rather than planetary basis. If you have children they would enjoy making free paper decorations from Disney’s Toy Story that are perfect for a Fourth Of July Aliens Party (you can download here). These cute three-eyed creatures could also be your desktop cheerleading squad. A playlist recommending us to off-world friends as a planet that rocks a party is a must. Don’t forget hot vintage dance tracks like Mambo, Cha Cha, Limbo etc. (more Earth friendly TIPS at our  SITEMAP)

photo from The Day The Earth Stood Still

If you’re having a costume party, one of our ‘rebel teen’ talented actress clients, Natalie Wood singing that I Feel Pretty song in West Side Story might work. A 1961 catchy tune it was dubbed with another singer’s voice for the movie version. Client director Robert Wise brought this picture from Broadway (one of his multiple award winning iconic film classics), and that fantastic soundtrack’s success started dance throw-downs. Mr. Wise was a huge fan of Aliens, leaving his remarkable legacy of Sci-Fi films influencing Art, Life Style, TV and other Films. Considering too that if Humanoids or AI entities are here with us (how would you know if the Greys aren’t manufactured bots), they’ve taken over in Manchurian Candidate missions long ago. What would you do about that challenge seems to be on Washington’s mind. As The Day The Earth Stood Still shows our Night-Mares are escalating as we’ve created (and not just Horror). One of my favorites is The Twilight Zone series with credible scenarios facing us tagged as ‘truth is stranger than fiction’.  Yep.

Wow! Signal computer printout

Equally mysterious is a survey conducted by National Geographic, which our news media released (last week). This was done as if it’s not propaganda promoting a show, but some political pole taken confirming the public prefers an experienced President Obama to Mitt Romney in ‘how to deal with Aliens’ (EBE: extraterrestrial biological entities). My opinion is that none of our ‘world leaders’ have a Clue (given our planetary History), as shown by humans continuous warring. A scanned copy of the original printout shows the Wow! signal several years after the signal’s 1977 arrival. That’s a long time not to have figured it out by now that war is not an option. (Image courtesy: The Ohio State University Radio Observatory and North American AstroPhysical Observatory (NAAPO).

Many of our clients are Science Fiction genre lovers who vehemently believe, as does the public at large. They know this is not fictional. I’ve personally witnessed several UFO while traveling various parts of our planet, including one that was also seen by my husband and close girlfriend. We gazed up at the Starry Night admiring the remarkable lightening speed of their (UFO in formation) trajectory. Are we ready to go off world? If human adults come out of diapers, yes. Otherwise, we’ll take our madness with us.

This is a good week to see fireworks and be “up on the roof” with a comfy chair and telescope watching Heaven. Or go visit the renovated Griffith Park Observatory planetarium. Anyone who’s had one (a UFO experience) is left knowing that there are anomalous events beyond our planetary ground-focused perspectives. As more information is continuously being released it’s evident that we’re being prepared for a disclosure event. Have a Happy 4th and send others Our Best Advice, (see more TIPS on our Sitemap), and if you need Party Staff, call us!