Poster of St. Patrick's Day in America There was a computer glitch during Saint Patrick’s Day preventing our posting this entry. Here it is anyway because it’s got some great TIPS: The legend goes that Saint Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland, and the land and people were  finally free of them. We could easily say we need St. Patrick in America today to drive out the snakes of  outrageous greed and exploitation currently under scrutiny, in every sector of our society. Hopefully, we will soon see a purging of the “what’s in it for me” greedy conduct that drove this great nation into worldwide decline. Transparency is good, but times like these provide opportunity for everyone to “purge”. Use St. Patrick inspiration for your  TIPPING  point.  Like  the snake, our TIP for today is “shed old skin”, bring out the new. Don’t wait for  circumstances to put  you into  a position of waiting for others to change things. Take a proactive action immediately. Today! You don’t need to wear green to remind yourself. Open new possibilities by enlarging the context. Start with making a list of things you can do to shed old skin daily. Begin with “Today, I will do one thing I’ve never done before that nourishes and supports someone else”. This gives you a huge basis for creative imagination.

Think and act  ecologically in your life, and towards yourself. Be calm yet passionate shedding old skin. A fun beginning is use a back scrubber brush to dry-slough old skin daily. It’s great for your circulation, your heart, your skin, and will help you remember! Start with your feet and move up to your neck. Develop what it takes to  be free of panic, worry, anxiety, or just plain ho hum attitude that can overtake us. Be open minded and move with the flow. You don’t need to pay for expensive therapy to learn. Turn any adverse situation into an “Oh! Hum” moment. Listen to people and what they say, perhaps a message is in it for you to help your goals. It’s time to re-calibrate, bring forth a new level of exchange based on real value. Creating, thinking, sharing, and  acting ecologically is beyond a movement. It means daily life becomes meaningful in a new way for yourself, and how you interact with others includes everyone’s well being.

Rather then outdated old school methods of prosperity based on old ideologies of “what’s in it for me”, remember to simply be happy, and share happiness as your point of departure.  Even if you don’t feel like it, act as if you’re happy. Soon you will feel its energy invite and surround you, filling you up with joy. A great video that made me happy you will enjoy is by Buddhist lama, Well Mipham. His CD entitled The Enlightenment Rap song What About Me, is a great track. See it here: The Enlightenment Rap by a Buddha -What About Me

St Patrick Vintage PosterAllow yourself to be creative (you’d be surprised how quickly creative expression neutralizes anger).  “If You’re Happy, I’m Happy” is a great new skin to wear, good will and peace among all. My understanding is that Peace is the ultimate weapon, and the most complex game anybody can participate in unlimitedly. Nothing beats it for the greatest creativity we’re capable of. If you know someone who creates video games tell them a huge market exists for games with peace simulation scenarios that challenge the players to effectively resolve corruption, and raise local awareness of peace-keeping long and short term solutions that include teaching WISDOM. Mixed with available hot CG affects of adventuring this would be a great benefit to kids for learning problem solving approaches. Like what could be done if we went to the moon, to create peace on Earth? Participate in local efforts in your neighborhood to change the climate/attitude from “depression” to opportunity. Don’t be susceptible to people’s depression, their energy can be uplifted by you, rather then you going down to their worries or apathy. Today and every day would be a good time to buy a stranger a drink in a restaurant you’re in. Have the server send it with your compliments. Smile at the stranger and toast them. Any excuse for a toast to good things is happy making!

Have A FRUITFUL And Happy Day!

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