Domestic Help Agency

We specialize in referral for work in homes for all duties related to household services and estate management in the domestic help field. Jobs provided by Employers seeking to hire candidates that specialize in this field with top references and experience, provide a job order to this Agency. More specific details of the job and final terms are entered into by the Employer and Employee, not the Agency. Contact our office at 310-278-4470 for a free consultations regarding available jobs, or hiring someone as a domestic worker. Let us help you broaden your search with the outstanding referral experience and expertise we are renowned for world wide. See some of our famous past clients who relied on our expertise. Due to confidentiality we maintain for our clients we don’t post current ones unless they’re the topic of our TIPS blog as already public information. We take care of clients on a VIP basis who need a  staff and expert domestic help services applicants provide. We are the best, original and oldest, with the same family owners in the same location in Beverly Hills, most recommended Domestic Help Agency in the world.

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